Joe Newman interviewed by BBC after Tragic Grenfell Tower Fire

London Council Estate Photography The Grenfell Tower Fire disaster has brought attention to London’s council estates, which house its poorest residents. SWNS’s very own Joe Newman has visited many of London’s biggest council estates and is always drawn to the community spirit. Normally our award winning SWNS snappers are taking photos for the national media, doing anything they can to blend in and stay anonymous.  However, this week the tables were turned after Joe’s photo collection was featured on the BBC website, with Joe taking part in an interview looking at his study of London’s council estates. Following the Grenfell Tower Fire, London’s high-rise council houses are in sharp focus, You can listen to Joe’s full interview with the BBC here!   During the interview Joe said he was struck be ‘A Real Community Spirit’ in some of the blocks, which house some of London’s poorest people from a diverse range of backgrounds. Joe happens to live near one of the blocks and says he’d love to live in the building if he had the chance. If you are interested in seeing more of Joe’s work, you can see a few more of Joe’s images on his gallery page and discover other ways of seeing […]

Is This Britain’s Smallest Puppy?

Britain’s smallest puppy has defied all the odds by surviving despite weighing just 2.5oz at birth and standing smaller than a can of IRN BRU. Seven-week-old Yorkshire terrier pup Tim was born lifeless and not breathing and owner Andrea Mcgowan, 42, battled to revive the pooch by rubbing him with a towel. Thankfully the tiny terrier, who was a pup from a litter of six, came back to life with a few gasps of air. However, teeny Tim wasn’t out of the woods and was too weak to feed from his mum, Dolly. Owner Andrea had to take over and spent weeks bottle-feeding him every two hours to make him strong enough to survive. Andrea, of Bolton Lancs., said: “That was horrendous because it was so tiring and I was constantly worrying about him getting dehydrated if I missed a feed. “And then after the feed I had to wind him then rub his belly to make him poo and wee.” Mother-of-three Andrea said rearing the sickly pup was harder work than raising her own children because it was more difficult knowing what he needed. But Tim was more fortunate than one of his brothers, who sadly only survived a […]

Picture of the week: Fine reward for early start on a frosty morning

SWNS photographer Adam Gray got his rewards after getting out early on the coldest day of the year. Early risers were greeted with a crisp and frosty morning as temperatures dropped overnight.

Pictures of the week: Red Rainbow, Burkini and a Princess.

What does a Princess, Burkini and a Red Rainbow have in common? SWNS is the largest independent press agency in the country. We provide the UK and overseas newspapers, magazines and websites with content every day. Here's our picture editor's photographic picks from the past week.

The King is dead, long live the Queen: Cameron leaves and May enters No.10

SWNS photographers Joe Newman and Adam Gray were this week covering the latest political upheaval at Downing Street, capturing the moment David Cameron left No.10 and new Prime Minister Theresa May moved in.

Fan-tastic: SWNS there to capture Euro 2016

SWNS photographer Adam Gray was on the ground in Lille, France, and captured the emotions of England and Wales fans during the gripping encounter that saw Gareth Bale score a 30 yard belter, Jamie Vardy equalising with just his third touch of the ball, and Daniel Sturridge grabbing a late, late winner for England in the dying seconds of the game.

More awards for SWNS: Photographer Peter Summers wins Photograph of the Year

SWNS scooped yet more press awards, winning four out of six prizes at this year’s news agency press awards, including the coveted Picture of the Year 2016 award, won by talented SWNS photographer Peter Summers.

Picture of the Week: Obama arrives on Air Force One

SWNS photographer Adam Gray was there to capture a photo of the President disembarking the Presidential Jet onto UK soil. After staking out the runway for hours, Adam caught the most powerful man in the world as soon as he stepped out of the jet.

If you didn’t know why dogs are man’s best friend, look at this…

One of the British Army's oldest working dogs has donned goggles and boots for the largest military exercise in a decade - as it trains to support our troops on the front line. Six-year-old Scooby the springer spaniel is one of 35 hero working dogs currently taking part in Exercise Shamal Storm, the biggest military training exercise in a decade.

Picture of the week: Red Carpet Photography

Apart from capturing the breaking news stories each day, SWNS photographers also enjoy a spot of red carpet action at film premiers and events. This week, arriving in style and hitting the red carpet at the Curzon cinema in Mayfair, Dame Helen Mirren cut a striking figure in a classy lace dress, and our photographer was behind the red carpet to capture her.