Picture of the Week: Obama arrives on Air Force One

United States President Obama arrives on Air Force One at London Stansted Airport. 21 April 2016.

United States President Obama arrives on Air Force One at London Stansted Airport on the 21 April 2016, for his much anticipated visit to the UK.

SWNS photographer Adam Gray was there to capture a photo of the President disembarking the Presidential Jet onto UK soil. After staking out the runway for hours, Adam caught the most powerful man in the world as soon as he stepped out of the jet door and quickly filed the photo across the SWNS newswire to be picked up by the national news outlets.

It was worth the wait as Adam’s snap was featured in several national newspapers and on countless websites such as the Mail Online: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3552704/Obama-landed-save-Cameron-s-bacon-President-arrives-UK-PM-helping-hand-arguing-against-Brexit-oh-s-going-meet-Queen.html

President Obama flew into a media storm following his visit to Saudi Arabia.  The President faced a furious backlash over his decision to tell British voters to stay in the EU from Vote Leave campaigners, whilst Britain Stronger in Europe campaigners welcomed the President’s comments.

The US President also used the visit to show his support for staying in the EU. Obama and David Cameron had organised a pro-EU blitz for three days, with a visit to the Palace thrown in for good measure, where the President was joined by First Lady Michelle for lunch with the Queen.

If you would like to see more of Adam’s photos, check out his gallery here.

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