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Accidental art? Colourful ship painter’s shack becomes selfie hotspot after years of brush cleaning on the building.

SWNS_PAINTED_WALLS_27A colourful ship painter’s shack has become and unlikely selfie hotspot after years of brush cleaning on the building has resulted in a accidental art piece. The eye-catching results of their handiwork have been photographed by visitors from as far afield as the US and Japan.

Yard owner Fred Bruce said he was amazed at how many people stopped to have their pictures taken with the shed.

The colours on the building change on a day-to-day basis depending on the colours of the ships being painted at the time.

The painters have tried out new colours and cleaned brushes on the walls of the W Bruce yard – known locally as Patsy’s – at Fraserburgh for more than 50 years.

In the past, the building had to be painted grey once a year in time for an annual harbour inspection. But now the painters’ inadvertent artwork is allowed to flourish.


The pictures were captured by talented SWNS photographer Pete Summers.  Pete took a break from his daily run of press and corporate photography jobs to photograph the W.Bruce kaleidoscopic ship painter’s shed in Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire.  The firm is marking its 60th anniversary and Pete was there to capture the moment.  Painter Alan Murray can be seen in one of the photos (below) painting a commemorative life ring for the shack.


Pete’s photos made their way into various online news sites including the Press and Journal:


The firm is skilled in painting vessels professionally and has been doing so for half a century.  So much paint has been brushed onto the walls, a large mound of dried paint can be found at the base of the shack.


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