Pictures of the Week: Weather Bomb

Scotland had been hit by a 'weather bomb' that had drifted over from Iceland causing huge tidal storms along the west coast of the country. I'm based in Aberdeen on the east so the coastal towns in my patch were safe from waves but in the hills out west, the Cairngorms leading into the Highlands, heavy snowfall was causing blizzards on the roads.

Pictures of the Week: Winter Solstice at Stonehenge

Solstice at Stonehenge is always one of the picture highlights of the year ­ twice a year thousands of revelers, druids and pagans gather at the ancient monument to a soundtrack of beating drums, singing and dancing. This years winter solstice was celebrated on the 22 December ­ rather than the 21st which was officially the shortest day ­ as Monday's sunrise was the closest to the moment when the North Pole was tilted furthest from the sun.

SWNS Photo of the Year Competition Opens – Vote Now

We’d like you to choose the SWNS photo of the year 2014.  All you have to do is look through the SWNS picture editor’s 100 best photos for 2014 and tick which ones you like.   The photo with the most votes will be named SWNS photo of the year 2o14.  Together with the award, the winning snapper will receive a bottle of bubbly (paid for by Jon Mills!).   You can see the SWNS picture editor’s 100 best photos of 2014 here: 100-best-photos-of-the-year-2014   Every photo was placed in the national press through the SWNS News Wire.  Please share to help us raise awareness of the stellar work our photographers and contributors produce on a daily basis.   Did you know that SWNS provide around 20% of ALL printed UK news each day?