Incredible Collection Of Winning Photographs Capturing The Unseen Scenes Of British Army Life

This striking portrait of a young camouflaged solder has scooped a top prize in a prestigious competition which captures the unseen scenes of British Army life. The incredible photo of a soldier’s piercing stare was taken by Sgt Jonathan van Zyl, 35, an infantry soldier turned professional Army snapper. It won the ‘best overall image’ out of the 780 photos entered into the annual prestigious British Army Photographic Competition. Father-of-two Jonathan, who lives in Andover, said: “It was one of those moments; you just saw it and you took it. “It wasn’t planned or anything, but it works. I think it’s the soldier’s eyes, looking into his eyes, it draws you into it.” The portrait was taken during Exercise Northern Strike in America. Jonathan, previously in the 1st Battalion Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment, was an infantry soldier for 11 years, based in Germany until two years ago. Other winners included a revealing series of photos showing the highs and lows of life as a Sandhurst cadet, during a grueling year of initial training. Taken by Bombardier Murray Kerr, 45, from Glasgow, they scooped the Best Amateur Portfolio category. One shows cadets with shields and batons in what appears to […]

Paragliding world champion lives out dream to fly among birds

This is the awesome moment a paragliding world champion lives out his lifelong dream to fly among a huge flock of birds. Horacio Llorens, 35, joined thousands of starlings which took to the skies during Denmark’s ‘Black Sun’ – an impressive avian phenomenon which takes place every Autumn. The huge flock of migrational starlings took off as the sky dimmed, and the Spaniard flew his electric powered paraglider alongside them. Horacio said: “To be a bird is a dream. It’s why I paraglide, because I feel as a bird when I’m flying. “Usually you can fly close to three or four birds. But being able to fly with thousands of them is just a unique opportunity.” Horacio has dreamed of flying with birds since he took up the sport 17-years-ago. He and his team were granted permission from Denmark’s Ministry of Environment for this stunt and leading ornithologists were on hand to ensure the safety of the birds. Horacio added: “I really don’t want to disturb the birds, I just want to try to fly with them and feel as a part of the flock. “Try to be one of them for a little while, you know? Even just for […]

A BUG’S LIFE – Tiny insect living under massive mushroom has won an amateur photographer a major photography award

This fascinating image of a tiny insect living under a massive mushroom has won an amateur photographer a major photography award. Duncan McNaught, 54, picked up the Royal Society of Biology photography award after snapping the unusual picture. The image — titled Welcome to My Humble Abode — shows a tiny toadstool, no bigger than the size of a small teacup, with a small bug inside. Duncan, who lives in Glenlee, Dumfries and Galloway, ventures to the forests near his home to capture his nature pictures – and has a particular love of toadstools. He believes the insect to be around two millimetres in height and thinks it lives within the gills of the fungi. He said: “Living in rural Dumfries and Galloway I have access to some amazing landscapes. “But it’s the smaller often overlooked plants and insects that really spark the creative photographer in me. “I like to do something different. A lot of people are doing landscape photos and it’s becoming a bit boring. “It’s the small nature things that attract me, and toadstools are just beautiful at this time of year. “Some of the forests in my area are pretty inaccessible due to their wet boggy […]