From super cell storms to the sky at night, amazing pictures showing the power of nature win an international competition

Huddled freezing underneath Niagara Falls, this shot of an ice-encrusted building has won an international photo competition. And photographer Mark Duffy, from Canada, also bagged second place with this awesome storm rolling across the plains of Saskatchewan province near his home. His pics came top in the Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers’ Power of Nature competition. Third place went to Bosnian Inga Cvijanovich with a flooded orthodox church in Doboj. Mark said of the storm shot, taken near his home: “I was south of Moose Jaw and there was a little something there that kept me chasing and a roll cloud started to develop. “As I watched, the roll cloud turned into an incredible shelf cloud so I tried to stay ahead of it and position myself along the Trans Canada Highway and find a anchor or foreground so I raced to a row of granaries at Pense. “Luckily the shelf cloud was intensifying and at its peak at Pense – major energy – so I parked to use my truck to block the wind and set up my tripod and camera and shot the picture.” Of his winning picture, he added: “It was an unusually freezing winter […]