Perfectly Timed Photo Of A Butterfly – Sitting On Top Of Barn Owl’s Head

This perfectly-timed photo shows a stunning barn owl – with a BUTTERFLY on its head. Rob Bates, 34, took the photo of the bird of prey when it landed on a hay bail just 20ft away. He noticed a butterfly flapping around the owl’s head – and waited patiently for the perfect shot, in Bridlington, Yorkshire. Rob, a tattoo artist, from Aston, Sheffield, said: “I was on a bird of prey photography workshop. “Everyone took a few shots then moved onto the next bird, while the owl still stood there. “Then out of the corner of my eye I noticed something flying around it. “It was a beautiful butterfly so I re-positioned myself and waited for the perfect shot. “This butterfly looked as though it was almost attracted to the owl as it wouldn’t leave it alone, flying around its head, while the owl wasn’t bothered at all. “Then just about when I thought it was going to leave, the sun shone through and as it went to land on the owls head I took the shot, giving me shot of the day. “Goes to show persistence pays off.”

Photographer Had His Head In The Clouds When He Captured These Enchanting Images

A photographer had his head in the clouds when he captured these enchanting images showing stars glittering above a town blanketed in mist. Jan Sedlacek, 38, trekked 300 metres up the Malvern Hills to photograph the fog which settled over the town of Great Malvern as temperatures plunged below freezing. But he was in for a surprise when he climbed above the cloud cover to see thousands of stars glistening overhead. He captured a series of stunning images which almost appear out of this world. Jan, who is completely self-taught, said: “I was up there in the stars and felt like I was touching the universe. “I’ve spent any years photographing the area and so I knew it was a great place to observe the mist blanketing the whole valley. “What I didn’t expect was to see was the stars above the mist which just look spectacular. “You could see the town disappearing behind the clouds and the stars were shining so brightly. “I was amazed to capture such a dramatic and pretty atmospheric picture.” Jan climbed 300 metres up North Hill, which towers over Great Malvern, Worcs., at the weekend. He was three-quarters of the way up the peak […]