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Barrack Obama and David Cameron. NATO ISAF meeting. 4 September 2014

OK, so not every photograph our talented snappers take will be nominated for the National Press Photographers Association ‘Photograph of the Year Award’ or will win The Pulitzer Prize, but that doesn’t mean they have less of an impact. Some of our our favourite photographs will never see the light of day or will will only to be destined for the cuttings bin – so we want to share them with you.


When our staff photographer Jonathan Rowley was sent to cover the NATO Summit in Newport, South Wales this week, amongst the hundreds of photos that you will have seen in the national newspapers, online and on TV, this was the moment when the most powerful man on the planet, Obama, looked straight down Jonathan’s lens (and was also the photo that made us chuckle in the office).


Jonathan says ‘It was only for a split second and across a crowded room but at least I can say I’ve caught the eye of the most powerful man on the planet.’
‘I’d been in Newport since the early hours of the morning photographing the NATO summit and the level of security was incredible.’
‘In the morning I’d waited with thousands of well wishers to see the Obama’s motorcade which was a sight in itself – my pictures made the Times, Mail online, Metro and Daily Star.’
‘Later in the day and without much preparation the accredited media pack was told we would be allowed in to the debating chamber before the main talks. President Barack Obama was chatting to David Cameron – their body language was making fascinating pictures. Just as we were about to be herded out Obama looked straight down the barrel of my lens and I got a frame I’ll remember for the rest of my life.’


Our editorial team loved this snap. It’s the sort of photo you might see on Have I Got News for YOU’s caption competition. What do you think?

If you would like to see more images from Jonathan Rowley, check out his Gallery here.



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