Paragliding world champion lives out dream to fly among birds

Horacio Llorens flies his electric powered paraglider with a large group of starlings during Sort Sol (Black Sun) in southwest Denmark.

This is the awesome moment a paragliding world champion lives out his lifelong dream to fly among a huge flock of birds.

Horacio Llorens, 35, joined thousands of starlings which took to the skies during Denmark’s ‘Black Sun’ – an impressive avian phenomenon which takes place every Autumn.

The huge flock of migrational starlings took off as the sky dimmed, and the Spaniard flew his electric powered paraglider alongside them.

(Esben Zøllner/Red Bull/ SWNS)

(Esben Zøllner/Red Bull/ SWNS)

Horacio said: “To be a bird is a dream. It’s why I paraglide, because I feel as a bird when I’m flying.

“Usually you can fly close to three or four birds. But being able to fly with thousands of them is just a unique opportunity.”

Horacio has dreamed of flying with birds since he took up the sport 17-years-ago.

He and his team were granted permission from Denmark’s Ministry of Environment for this stunt and leading ornithologists were on hand to ensure the safety of the birds.

Horacio added: “I really don’t want to disturb the birds, I just want to try to fly with them and feel as a part of the flock.

“Try to be one of them for a little while, you know? Even just for a few seconds. There was a huge feeling of complicity in the air.

“I think that once they recognised I wasn’t a predator, the starlings also enjoyed flying with me.”

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