Picture of the Week: A Strange Funeral

This week’s picture of the week comes from SWNS staff photographer Adam Gray.  The picture was taken in Porthcawl, Wales, where a large crowd of well wishers and locals gathered for Steve Strange’s funeral. It was taken on a 5Dmk3 with a 500mm lens – a long lens was used to capture the emotions of the pall bearers and the detail on the coffin.


Steven John Harrington, known by his stage name Steve Strange, was the lead singer and frontman of the 1980s pop group Visage. The Welsh pop-star was also a nightclub host and promoter.

Steve Strange died aged 55 following a heart attack whilst on holiday in Egypt. Around 300 mourners attended the funeral, including some of the biggest names from 80s pop, turned out at All Saints Church, Porthcawl.

Boy George and Spandau Ballet members carried Strange’s coffin, which was plastered with flamboyant pictures from Strange’s glory days. Other mourners included ABC frontman Martin Fry, hairdresser Nicky Clarke and Spandau singer Tony Hadley.

Boy George paid tribute to the pop maverick saying “Goodbye Steve – New Romantic, first class show off, fellow freak, beautiful gay man, seminal pop star, wrecking ball, futurist fashionista”

Read more about Steve Strange’s funeral, and see some more of Adam’s photos here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2991701/1980s-stars-Boy-George-Martin-Gary-Kemp-pay-respects-funeral-New-Romantic-icon-Steve-Strange.html

You can also look through Adam Gray’s photos in this gallery: Adam Gray

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