Baby owls get their toes painted so owner can tell who’s twoo

tom-owl4This week’s PICTURE OF THE WEEK: Jay Brittain, 63, paints the talons of baby owls at Small Breeds Farm Park and Owl Centre, Herefordshire, taken by Tom Flathers.

SWNS staff photographer Tom Flathers took photos of the the fledglings, who look so similar at birth that staff could end up overfeeding them, which could be fatal for the birds. Jay came up with the idea of varnishing the baby owl’s nails using nail polish in their very own ‘talon salon’.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3053911/Now-s-getting-claws-Breeder-gives-baby-owls-different-coloured-MANICURES-tell-apart.html#ixzz3Yc4CHa8H

tom-owl1Tom Flathers said ‘Getting 8 owls to line up and stay put was a challenge but not as hard as I thought to be honest. They were easier to organise than people!’

‘Getting to stroke baby owls and capturing really cute pictures to show friends was a highlight.  It was great working with Alice Pond and owner Jay Brittain who organised the owls for me and were just lovely people.’

You can see more of Tom’s photos in his gallery (click here). To capture these amazing pictures, Tom used a Canon 1D Mark iv for stills and Canon 7D for video. Lenses were canon 70-200 2.8 and canon 17-40 f4.


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