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With all of the cutting edge, state-of-the-art equipment and qualified, award winning photographers; it makes sense to outsource to the experts. Because we supply the national press with up to 20% of daily print content, our response times are rapid and the quality produced makes front page headlines, news stories and features every day.

Corporate & Business Headshots

If you need corporate or business headshots for your organisation, look no further. Our award-winning photographers can create any style of headshot to meet your needs and goals. From a timeless and modern feel to an artistic or eye-catching style, just call our bookings desk today to discuss your requirements.

Corporate Photography

Corporate Photography: SWNS Images provides corporate photography and video to private and public businesses, media and other organisations. SWNS is the largest independent media agency in the country. We have multi-award winning photographers ready to react to your brief. We have been at the forefront of print and media photography for over 50 years. Our professional team will be happy to take your lead or suggest different methods, styles and tactics to best deliver your brief.

Amazing Photography

Each day SWNS Images produces images that fill the daily newspapers and magazines. We aren't able to show you every image, but here is a small sample of our work...

Hire a Photographer

SWNS has photographers available 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year. Whatever your requirements, we are available to meet your brief and exceed your expectations. Get in touch with our bookings desk today to find out more.

Sport & Leisure Photography

SWNS photograph and video countless sports and leisure events on behalf of newspapers, magazines, and corporate clients. If you have a sports event that you want to be captured professionally and at competitive rates please contact SWNS Images.

Photo Editing & Video Editing

SWNS Images provide photo and video editing services for all purposes. Our trained photographers will get the best from any shoot, but many photos and videos require editing before publication for a number of reasons. Our editing team are able to retouch headshots, polish PR images, sales and business photos, lighten or alter brochure snaps, or edit anything else you may request. The editors are well trained to use most major editing software (in fact we even produce user guides to help other people make the most of editing software such as Adobe Lightroom – which you can see an example of below). All of our photographic and videography charges include basic touching up and editing. However, we also provide bespoke editing services for numerous clients. Get in touch to find out more.

Award Winning Photography

Read about SWNS' latest photography and videography awards

Corporate Videography & Press Videography

Corporate Photography. Need a project photographer or videographer for a corporate, business or other organisation? Get in touch with SWNS images today.


If you need a photographer, videographer, or any photography or videography services, you're in the right place. SWNS is the largest independent media agency in the UK. SWNS Images is the award winning picture and video desk that serves our news, features, PR, marketing and TV production departments. SWNS Images also serves our numerous corporate client base.