Aerial Photography

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SWNS Images offers a variety of Aerial photography services.

Aerial Photography refers to the taking of photographs  from an elevated position. SWNS can offer photography from fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, balloons, parachutes, and vehicle mounted poles. We also have access to camera drones if required.

We have highly experienced teams on standby who provide aerial filming for UK and international press outlets.  We supply news, pictures and video to every major national newspaper, magazine and television network.  SWNS use cutting edge technology and specialist aerial filming techniques to capture incredible aerial footage and stills.

In most cases aerial photography needs to be booked in advance to avoid disappointment, although we do have fast reaction times for breaking incidents and news stories.

Simply contact our bookings desk to find out more or book a flying snapper! 



SWNS a multi-award winning press agency, supplying up to 20% of all UK daily print news.  We have 13 UK offices and scores of staff photographers.

Because we operate a high volume business (submitting hundreds of stories and images to the national press each week) you'll find our rates highly competitive.  We are yet to encounter any other firm who are able to deliver the same high quality at more competitive rates.

Our clients include every major newspaper, multinational companies, and small local business. Speak to our friendly bookings desk for a straight forward price without any sales waffle.

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  • Vicki Hooper,

    Being able to rely on a SWNS photographer to take great shots and keep our clients happy is priceless. Working across a range of industries, often with tight deadlines, the flexibility and responsiveness of SWNS is paramount to keeping our projects moving. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending SWNS – friendly, approachable and very easy to work with.

  • James Davis,

    From visits by Government Ministers, to charity events at any one of our 276 stations, it is important I can rely on an agency I know can get the pictures I need from any event, often at very short notice

  • Paul Bennett,
    Picture Editor, Daily Mail

    SWNS is, by a distance, the best news agency in Britain. Its track record over the past 20 years is beyond compare. Its ability to deliver high quality stories day after day is simply remarkable.

  • Oliver McAninch,
    Famous Features

    We are an independent press agency and have been working with SWNS Images for two years now.  They take care of all images and syndication for our news and magazine stories.  Not only are they a great bunch to work with, the level of professionalism and expertise is second to none.  I hope to work with SWNS long into the future.

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