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SWNS is the largest independent press agency in the UK.  SWNS Media Group distributes news, pictures, video and PR content to global print and online media platforms, whilst hosting content via its own dedicated news site and digital press suite.


Established for almost 50 years - SWNS Media Group provides complete media and PR solutions for the UK’s largest brands and PR consultancies. Together with our well-known news and pictures services, SWNS has a smorgasbord of services on offer, including TV production, polling and surveys, PR, web design and SEO, syndication, and much more. 


See some of our holdings below, all set up to provide our clients with a full and seamless media service.




  • 72 Point

72 Point

We are 72Point, and we’re really very good at generating national news coverage. We work with many of the biggest brands and PR firms in the UK. In fact, as part of SWNS, we secure national news exposure for our clients every day! We have our own in-house newswire which every media organisation in the country subscribes to. Our services include PR Surveys, Media Sell-In and Distribution, Radio Days & Radio Sell-in, News-Copy Writing, PR Photography and Infographics. Together with our polling partner OnePoll, we are the leading providers of survey-based news.

  • One Poll

One Poll

One Poll is a unique blend of next-gen researchers, established journalists, digital gurus, social media geeks, PRs, computer coders and cool creatives – our team have the expertise and technology to fulfil your research requirements. We conduct surveys, hold online discussions, offer a range of reporting solutions, build research communities, write compelling reports, and get our clients press and digital exposure via PR surveys…and much more.

  • Oblong Films

Oblong Films


Oblong Films is an independent TV production company. We produce unscripted factual series and documentaries. We deliver the very best in human interest filmmaking so, as part of SWNS, we have access to the best human interest stories in the UK.


  • Ross Parry

Ross Parry

Ross Parry Agency is the North's premier press agency, with offices in North, South and West Yorkshire. We are a professional organisation supplying news and features to a regional, national and international audience. With over 30 years of industry experience, we guarantee a personal service that is second to none - whether you're telling your story, selling a picture or commissioning a photographer.

  • Talk to the Press

Talk to the Press

Talk to the Press is a London based features agency that helps ordinary people across the country to sell their real-life stories to the newspapers and magazines, as well as managing the strategies of individuals caught up in a media storm. Visit the site to sell a story to the press.



  • Story Market


StoryMarket is an online catalogue that showcases original and exclusive real-life content that is available for magazines and newspapers to purchase.  All StoryMarket contributors are approved and established writers for the real-life features market.

  • Masons News Agency

Masons News Service

Mason's News Service is a traditionally run News and Photograph Agency covering Cambridge and surrounding areas. 

  • Newsteam

Newsteam International

Newsteam International is a leading press agency that works on a daily basis to provide first-class photography and journalism to all national and leading international press organisations and a range of corporate clients.


  • Case Study Link

Case Study Link

If you’re a journalist or a media professional and you need a story, lead or case study, or any information for an article you are working on, Case Study Link can help. Your Case Study request will be distributed to hundreds of press agencies and freelance journalists. If anyone has relevant information, or interesting case studies that could work for your article, they will get back in touch.


Ever thought, I want to sell my story? is the online front for SWNS Features Team. We strive to provide a better service than any other press agency in the world. Simply fill out the form on the lefthand side of any page on the site to discover how much your story or photo is worth; we’ll let you know straight away.

  • Famous Features


FamousFeatures is a leading online press agency representing a network of freelance journalists operating in the real-life and exclusive features market.  FamousFeatures now works alongside SWNS to provide the best service to their clients.

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