Photo Editing & Video Editing

Do you require photo editing services, or video editing services?  Speak to the experts today!

SWNS Images provide photo editing and video editing services for all purposes.  Our trained photographers will get the best from any shoot, but many photos and videos require editing before publication for a number of reasons.

Our editing team are able to retouch headshots, polish PR images, sales and business photos, lighten or alter brochure snaps, or edit anything else you may request.

The editors are well trained to use most major editing software (in fact we even produce user guides to help other people make the most of editing software such as Adobe Lightroom – which you can see an example of below).

All of our photographic and videography charges include basic touching up and editing.  However, we also provide bespoke editing services for numerous clients.  Get in touch to find out more.


Photo editing services we offer

SWNS not only work for corporate and private clients, we also provide up to 20% of all daily print news content in the UK.  Most photographs require some kind of digital touching-up.  Because we work with high volumes of content each day, our dedicated professionals are adept at turning around photo editing projects extremely quickly.  Our economies of scale mean that our prices are rarely beaten.

Our editors are well trained to make use of cutting-edge photo editing software. Whether there is a requirement to change the background, correct lighting & colours, remove unwanted items or features, enhance or smooth facial/physical features, or repair old photos, our team can help you.

Here are just some of the services we offer:

  • Polishing corporate sales/PR and press photos.

  • Editing face and body profile/portfolio photos.

  • Removing background, noise or unwanted elements.

  • Enhancing old photographs.

Our competitive prices, impeccable customer service, and short turnaround time, make us the obvious choice for all of your photo editing needs.


Video editing experts

As mentioned, SWNS provide up to 20% of all daily print news content in the UK.  You may have noticed that online publications are producing more and more video to accompany news stories and features. Our photographers produce much of the video content for news stories and features (in fact our snappers have been received awards and commendations for their work).

To prepare our videos for publication, our dedicated team are experts at editing digital video content, to a high standard, within short time frames.  Whether our videographers shoot your footage, or you supply us with your own footage, we will edit your video to your requirements, using state of the art digital editing software.

During this process we will cut the video together into a professional film and if required, add titles, background music, transitions and fades, and any appropriate effects, to bring you a completely polished video.

Specialists in Photo or Video Editing and Retouching

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  • Vicki Hooper,

    Being able to rely on a SWNS photographer to take great shots and keep our clients happy is priceless. Working across a range of industries, often with tight deadlines, the flexibility and responsiveness of SWNS is paramount to keeping our projects moving. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending SWNS – friendly, approachable and very easy to work with.

  • James Davis,

    From visits by Government Ministers, to charity events at any one of our 276 stations, it is important I can rely on an agency I know can get the pictures I need from any event, often at very short notice

  • Paul Bennett,
    Picture Editor, Daily Mail

    SWNS is, by a distance, the best news agency in Britain. Its track record over the past 20 years is beyond compare. Its ability to deliver high quality stories day after day is simply remarkable.

  • Oliver McAninch,
    Famous Features

    We are an independent press agency and have been working with SWNS Images for two years now.  They take care of all images and syndication for our news and magazine stories.  Not only are they a great bunch to work with, the level of professionalism and expertise is second to none.  I hope to work with SWNS long into the future.

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