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Photographer Spends Two Weeks Befriending ‘Dalmatian Pelicans’ To Get Incredible Close-Up Pictures Of Pre-Historic Looking Birds
A British photographer spent two weeks befriending huge ‘Dalmatian Pelicans’ to get these incredible close-up pictures of the pre-historic looking birds. Sean Weekly, 28, snapped the “charismatic” troupe of the largest members of the pelican family in a pristine lake surrounded by the stunning snow-capped mountains. Mr Weekly, from Sittingbourne, Kent, braved freezing temperatures on a boat every morning to take these beautiful shots of the birds soaring above Lake Kerkini in Northern Greece. He would take close-up shots of them showing off their unique head-feather “hair styles” later in the day using a shore-line feed to draw in the large avians. The Dalmatian Pelicans which are often mistaken for the Great White Pelican and weigh about 10kg are identified by their curly nape feathers, grey legs and silvery-white plumage. Mr Weekly said: “They have some amazing head feathers which gives these birds their own personal hair style. “They are so full of personality and character and ultimately are stunningly photogenic to look a lot. “The conditions on the lake itself offered some beautiful scenery with towering snow capped mountains and rolling clouds and because of this beautiful environment I tried to include the scenery a lot in my photos […] Read more!
Perfectly Timed Photo Of A Butterfly – Sitting On Top Of Barn Owl’s Head
This perfectly-timed photo shows a stunning barn owl – with a BUTTERFLY on its head. Rob Bates, 34, took the photo of the bird of prey when it landed on a hay bail just 20ft away. He noticed a butterfly flapping around the owl’s head – and waited patiently for the perfect shot, in Bridlington, Yorkshire. Rob, a tattoo artist, from Aston, Sheffield, said: “I was on a bird of prey photography workshop. “Everyone took a few shots then moved onto the next bird, while the owl still stood there. “Then out of the corner of my eye I noticed something flying around it. “It was a beautiful butterfly so I re-positioned myself and waited for the perfect shot. “This butterfly looked as though it was almost attracted to the owl as it wouldn’t leave it alone, flying around its head, while the owl wasn’t bothered at all. “Then just about when I thought it was going to leave, the sun shone through and as it went to land on the owls head I took the shot, giving me shot of the day. “Goes to show persistence pays off.” Read more!
Photographer Had His Head In The Clouds When He Captured These Enchanting Images
A photographer had his head in the clouds when he captured these enchanting images showing stars glittering above a town blanketed in mist. Jan Sedlacek, 38, trekked 300 metres up the Malvern Hills to photograph the fog which settled over the town of Great Malvern as temperatures plunged below freezing. But he was in for a surprise when he climbed above the cloud cover to see thousands of stars glistening overhead. He captured a series of stunning images which almost appear out of this world. Jan, who is completely self-taught, said: “I was up there in the stars and felt like I was touching the universe. “I’ve spent any years photographing the area and so I knew it was a great place to observe the mist blanketing the whole valley. “What I didn’t expect was to see was the stars above the mist which just look spectacular. “You could see the town disappearing behind the clouds and the stars were shining so brightly. “I was amazed to capture such a dramatic and pretty atmospheric picture.” Jan climbed 300 metres up North Hill, which towers over Great Malvern, Worcs., at the weekend. He was three-quarters of the way up the peak […] Read more!
From super cell storms to the sky at night, amazing pictures showing the power of nature win an international competition
Huddled freezing underneath Niagara Falls, this shot of an ice-encrusted building has won an international photo competition. And photographer Mark Duffy, from Canada, also bagged second place with this awesome storm rolling across the plains of Saskatchewan province near his home. His pics came top in the Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers’ Power of Nature competition. Third place went to Bosnian Inga Cvijanovich with a flooded orthodox church in Doboj. Mark said of the storm shot, taken near his home: “I was south of Moose Jaw and there was a little something there that kept me chasing and a roll cloud started to develop. “As I watched, the roll cloud turned into an incredible shelf cloud so I tried to stay ahead of it and position myself along the Trans Canada Highway and find a anchor or foreground so I raced to a row of granaries at Pense. “Luckily the shelf cloud was intensifying and at its peak at Pense – major energy – so I parked to use my truck to block the wind and set up my tripod and camera and shot the picture.” Of his winning picture, he added: “It was an unusually freezing winter […] Read more!
Incredible Collection Of Winning Photographs Capturing The Unseen Scenes Of British Army Life
This striking portrait of a young camouflaged solder has scooped a top prize in a prestigious competition which captures the unseen scenes of British Army life. The incredible photo of a soldier’s piercing stare was taken by Sgt Jonathan van Zyl, 35, an infantry soldier turned professional Army snapper. It won the ‘best overall image’ out of the 780 photos entered into the annual prestigious British Army Photographic Competition. Father-of-two Jonathan, who lives in Andover, said: “It was one of those moments; you just saw it and you took it. “It wasn’t planned or anything, but it works. I think it’s the soldier’s eyes, looking into his eyes, it draws you into it.” The portrait was taken during Exercise Northern Strike in America. Jonathan, previously in the 1st Battalion Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment, was an infantry soldier for 11 years, based in Germany until two years ago. Other winners included a revealing series of photos showing the highs and lows of life as a Sandhurst cadet, during a grueling year of initial training. Taken by Bombardier Murray Kerr, 45, from Glasgow, they scooped the Best Amateur Portfolio category. One shows cadets with shields and batons in what appears to […] Read more!
Paragliding world champion lives out dream to fly among birds
This is the awesome moment a paragliding world champion lives out his lifelong dream to fly among a huge flock of birds. Horacio Llorens, 35, joined thousands of starlings which took to the skies during Denmark’s ‘Black Sun’ – an impressive avian phenomenon which takes place every Autumn. The huge flock of migrational starlings took off as the sky dimmed, and the Spaniard flew his electric powered paraglider alongside them. Horacio said: “To be a bird is a dream. It’s why I paraglide, because I feel as a bird when I’m flying. “Usually you can fly close to three or four birds. But being able to fly with thousands of them is just a unique opportunity.” Horacio has dreamed of flying with birds since he took up the sport 17-years-ago. He and his team were granted permission from Denmark’s Ministry of Environment for this stunt and leading ornithologists were on hand to ensure the safety of the birds. Horacio added: “I really don’t want to disturb the birds, I just want to try to fly with them and feel as a part of the flock. “Try to be one of them for a little while, you know? Even just for […] Read more!
A BUG’S LIFE – Tiny insect living under massive mushroom has won an amateur photographer a major photography award
This fascinating image of a tiny insect living under a massive mushroom has won an amateur photographer a major photography award. Duncan McNaught, 54, picked up the Royal Society of Biology photography award after snapping the unusual picture. The image — titled Welcome to My Humble Abode — shows a tiny toadstool, no bigger than the size of a small teacup, with a small bug inside. Duncan, who lives in Glenlee, Dumfries and Galloway, ventures to the forests near his home to capture his nature pictures – and has a particular love of toadstools. He believes the insect to be around two millimetres in height and thinks it lives within the gills of the fungi. He said: “Living in rural Dumfries and Galloway I have access to some amazing landscapes. “But it’s the smaller often overlooked plants and insects that really spark the creative photographer in me. “I like to do something different. A lot of people are doing landscape photos and it’s becoming a bit boring. “It’s the small nature things that attract me, and toadstools are just beautiful at this time of year. “Some of the forests in my area are pretty inaccessible due to their wet boggy […] Read more!
Picture of flies mating wins international photo competition
A picture of a pair of flies in the throes of love has won an international photography competition. The snap, taken by Irish photographer Larry Doherty scooped the top prize in the Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers’ Spirit of Nature competition. Other runners up included pics of diving kingfishers, a polar bear on the ice a colourful portrait of a green tree python and a black kite carrying a struggling lapwing in Bangladesh. Photographer Larry said: “I take macro photos of insects all the time. I like to show the insects under our feet. A lot of people don’t even see this part of our wildlife or dismiss it. “These flies were on a sycamore tree trunk. The hardest part was making sure I got the two flies heads’ in focus.” Runner up was retired magistrate Anne Woodington from Guernsey with a breathtaking shot of a polar bear just yards away. She said: “The picture was taken in the pack ice somewhere considerably north of Svalbard, Norway. “We were in a small rib and got out to stand on a small ice floe in the middle of the ocean with floes all around but no land in sight. […] Read more!
WHAT A WASTE – Thousands of plastic bottles outside Parliament
Campaigners from 38 Degrees and Surfers Against Sewage beach a boat made from thousands of plastic bottles outside Parliament. This is part of a 250,000 strong petition hand-in that asks the government to introduce a small, refundable deposit on all plastic bottles, glass bottles and cans. Read more!
GORILLA IN THE MIDST : These Adorable Photos Show Proud Mother Gorilla Gently Cradling Her Precious Newborn Baby
These adorable photos show a proud mother gorilla gently cradling her precious newborn baby. The three-day-old endangered western lowland gorilla was snapped clinging on to its mother, a 22-year-old female. The tiny primate was born to mum Miliki and silverback dad Bukavu in the early hours of Tuesday morning at Blackpool Zoo. Delighted keepers say the baby appears healthy but sightings have so far been rare as it remains hidden from view as it builds up its strength and coordination. Miliki showed her tender side as she was photographed nurturing her baby days after giving birth following a natural and uncomplicated labour. The pair will be kept under close observation over the coming weeks by keepers who have yet discovered if the new arrival is a boy or a girl. Peter Dillingham, Animal Manager at Blackpool Zoo, said “We are delighted to share the news of the birth of our gorilla. “This is Bukavu’s third child and Miliki’s second so they have already proven that they are great parents. “We won’t find out the sex until the baby starts to move around more, as we are leaving everything to mum. “It has been wonderful to watch Meisie and Moanda grow up together and they have both been over to have a look […] Read more!
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