Pictures of the week: SWNS captures the real face of refugees fleeing into Europe

SWNS photographer Adam Gray travelled to Hungry to capture these moving and astonishing photos of the faces of refugees fleeing into Europe. These are the real people caught up in this human catastrophe and political nightmare.

This week SWNS published a series of photos capturing the faces of refugees young and old who have been caught up in the ongoing migrant crisis in Europe. SWNS snapper Adam Gray traveled to the European border in Hungry and witnessed children still clutching their teddy bears, sleeping on pavements and desperately being smuggled through border fences.

Many of the young migrant children posed for the camera after arriving into Hungary. They are among the thousands of adults and children who have fled their war ravaged homes in Syria and Afghanistan. Amidst the frantic political squabbling, they are the real people, desperate, hungry and homeless who are likely to continue their long journey onto Germany, Austria and other parts of Europe in their bid to seek a safer and better life.

Adam’s photos document the refugees assleep in Budapest’s Keleti train station, after Hungary attempted to send migrants to a rural processing camp rather than to Germany by train. The refugee crisis is said to be Europe’s worst since WW2.

Others show the refugee camp in Bicske, Hungary, from which dozens of people earlier escaped. Migrants inside the camp say they are taken here against their will when caught by the police and processed. Thousands of migrants instead marched along the M1 in Hungary in the direction of Austrian border. Many had been refused access to trains in Budapest so have started walking to the border on foot.

You can see more of Adam’s pictures here, some of them extremely harrowing but completely moving:

If you would like to see more photos from Adam Gray, you can see his gallery here: Adam Gray


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