Picture of the Year 2018 – Vote Now!

Every year the our newswire supplies websites, newspapers and magazines around the world with some of the most fascinating, captivating and powerful photographs you could ever hope to see. We are very grateful to the talented photographers who trust us with their pictures dni_logo-1In the last year we have launched our platform SWNS.rocks which was part funded by Google under their Digital News Initiative. Thanks to this innovation we have been able to pay 2500 new contributors in the last 12 months alone. We are committed to making syndication better for all who trust us with their images, videos and stories by offering complete transparency and payments within days of publication. If you want to register your interest you can leave your details here In the meantime, here are 100 of the most compelling images we've run on our service this year, as chosen by our picture editors. Vote for your favourites by ticking the heart icon next to each photo, you can vote for more than one. The image that gets the most love will be crowned 'SWNS Picture of the Year 2018'. Voting is now open!

If you would like to contribute photos or videos to the national press, and get paid every time they are used, visit our Sell a Photo link or our Sell a Video link, where you can upload your content to our system.

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