Britain’s smallest puppy, a tiny chihuahua, is three inches tall… and thinks she’s a kitten

NTI_DISNEY_TINY_DOG_34Disney the chihuahua has not grown since she was eight-weeks-old and she stands at a mere three inches and weighs less than a bag of sugar.

Owner Natalie Vanes said puppy has formed bond with pet kitten Kiera. She plays with kitten toys and is believed to be Britain’s smallest puppy.
SWNS snapper Tom Flathers took the photos of the adorable dog and her best friend Kiera the kitten.  The photos and words were put on the SWNS newswire and made several newspapers the following day.  To read more about Disney and Kiera, see the Mail Online story here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3064069/Britain-s-smallest-puppy-Disney-just-three-inches-tall-thinks-s-KITTEN.html
Tom says ‘I loved working with the tiny dog and kitten who where incredibly cute. The family were lovely, and their back garden was a really nice space to work in.  Using the plant-pot and getting the kitten and little dog in it was great. It was definitely was a good choice of prop.’
Tom adds ‘It was challenging in that the dog was quite dark so in that light it was hard to get the photos just right. I overcame it simply by trying a few different ways to angle the light.  I used a Canon 1D Mark iv for stills and Canon 7D for vid.  Lenses were canon 70-200 2.8 and canon 17-40 f4  and lighting was done using one flashgun on remote.’
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